v2.1.2 • Build 8.1.3

On 4 May, 2023 • in a day

Bugfixes: Input Field Caret Color

Fixed an issue in which the Microtasks editing field would sometimes show a wrongly colored caret, impairing the editing functionality.

Bugfixes: UI Responsiveness Fixes

Adjusted the UI so less ellipses appear in the labels found in the "See all Actions" panel, when the sidebar is very narrow.

Bugfixes: Stability Improvements

Eliminated a crash triggered in a corner case related to the notifications, caused by multi-threading.

v2.1.1 • Build 8.1.2

On 28 Apr, 2023 • 5 days ago

Bugfixes: Multiple Monitors Support

Microtasking sidebar can now correctly be resized when using multiple monitors. The A.O.C.T. view will now correctly display the expand buttons in different scenarios.

Microtasking Options Changes

Microtasks settings will not longer appear if microtasking is disabled, to further enhance UX.

v2.1.0 • Build 8.1.1

Published on 26 Apr, 2023 • 7 days ago

Dynamic A.O.C.T.

The Always-on Current Task is now dynamically shown, hiding itself on mouse over. New unobtrusive buttons have been introduced to toggle the microtasking bar and to hide/show the A.O.C.T.

Ergonomics Menu has been simplified

The menubar has been simplified. We've eliminated all the elements related to the application settings or microtasking.

New Application Settings Panel

A new settings panel has been introduced to present all the application related settings, from controlling the appearence to the sound effects.

Pitch Black/White theming, reduced transparency

Reduced transparency mode is now available. Great for accessibility, performance and overall coolness.

Notification sound effects

Notifications now trigger a sound effect when appearing, unless disabled from the Global Settings.

Resizable Microtasking bar

The microtasking sidebar can now be easily resized and adjusted to your taste.

A.O.C.T Customisable options

A bunch of options have been added to customise the look and feel of the A.O.C.T. including a background shade opacity slider.

Improved Microtasking cursor UX

The cursor experience in the Microtasking bar has been improved, the bar will now remain open if a microtask is in its expanded view.

Microtasking Notifications

A new set of notifications have been introduced for microtasking:

A "Forgot to track" notification that appears at regular time intervals in case you forgot to track your time-estimated current task.

A periodic cycled notification that appears when you reach certain milestones in your currently tracked task, at 50%, 100%, etc.

Other Bugfixes & Improvements

Various bugs have been fixed, and performance improvements have been engineered all across.