Hyperfocus Eyes Break

A short break based on the recommended 20·20·20 eye-sight rule for screen time. A good interval for maintaining and improving your eye health and comfort, as recommended by world's leading ophthalmologists.

Hyperfocus Sitting Break

A 5 minutes break every 60 minutes dedicated to getting you to move and stretch. The break helps relieve compounded muscle tension, improve cardiovascular health and prevent the negative health effects caused by prolonged sitting.

Healthy. Sustainable.
Screen time.

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From hunting to sitting still on a daily basis our energy is continuously throttled.

Evolved to do more than just stay in front of a screen, our bodies will not physically adapt to our new lifestyle anytime soon.

We think it's about time we make screen work sustainable, and try to synergise with our physical selves, whenever we go into Hyperfocus.


Ergonomic Screen Breaks

Designed to curb the negative effects of uninterrupted screen use and prolonged sedentarism.

Eyes Break

20s / 20m

Sitting Break

5m / 55m

Both prolonged sitting and uninterrupted screen time have been linked by academic research to major health issues.1

Read the Academic Research


Dry eyes

Head aches

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Vascular issues

Back pain

High stress

Computer Vision Syndrome



1   These concerns have been linked to prolonged and continuous sedentary time by numerous studies of the past decade, many of which can be seen being referenced in the Academic Research page

Hyperfocus intelligently senses when you're away from the screen. Only triggering breaks after prolonged and continuous screen time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hyperfocus available outside the App Store?

No. We view our policy of sticking only to the App Store distribution as unlikely to change anytime soon.

We believe that Apple's App Store is quite a unique place in the software world that stands out and delivers to its promises of ensuring safety, ease-of-use, privacy and reliability.

We strongly recommend not to install any Hyperfocus instances distributed by any other means besides the App Store.

Any Hyperfocus distributions found outside the App Store have likely been tampered with, are highly prone to malware infestations and deliver absolutely no promises of safety.

Contact lenses and screen time?

The general consensus is that screen time while wearing contacts is not recommended and will lead to eye irritation, dry eyes and other eye issues

The only thing worse than the combination of screen time and contacts, is prolonged and continuous screen time with contacts, in a high level of attentiveness, when blinking is reduced.

With Hyperfocus PLUS, your screen time can be divided in short to very short sessions of focus, leading to frequent eye breaks and a better hydration for your eyes.

With the optimal interval configuration, the difference in eye comfort level can be felt even after a brief period of using Hyperfocus.

Why a subscription model?

This is a complex and multifaceted question, that has picked our brains for quite a while.

First of all, we deeply believe in the right to ownership and owning what you pay for. It is important to protect our ownership rights in an economy that's slowly moving towards renting, subscriptions and recurrent-pay-to-unlock models, just for the sake of increasing the end profits.

For us at Hyperfocus, the decision to go for a subscription model is coming from a place of need, and not a place of greed.

As small indie developers competing and delivering products at the same quality level as the biggest players is tremendously more difficult and soul-wrenching. Especially since Hyperfocus is our first launched product.

Before even writting the first line of code, we've known that Hyperfocus has to be a free product, since we understand the need for it in today's society and how many lives it can improve.

With the thought of that, and the realisation that it would not be a sustainable decision, we've decided to build Hyperfocus PLUS as a premium subscription, dedicated to professionals and creatives, that can afford to pay a small amount monthly, and would benefit most of its features.

Right now our main priority is getting out the other products that we already have in the pipeline, but those are bigger in scope and require a sustainable runway before being released.

What's the best way to use Hyperfocus?

The standard Hyperfocus features should fit just right for the majority of users. Hyperfocus is meant to be free, and allow everyone to follow the ergonomic breaks timings recommended by the research studies and the medical experts.

However, based on our past experiences using the app, we've found the short and frequent eye breaks to be the ones that provide the most comfort, with no context loss.

We still strongly recommend that you do move every single hour, maybe even every half hour. This is a critical aspect of cardiovascular health... Blood that is stagnant tends to clot.

Another tip would be using the overlay theme that you find the least comfortable, since that will make you move your sight away from the screen the fastest. The pitch black theme is worth mentioning, since it fades out your screen completely, leaving only the Hyperfocus contextual information present.

The unskippable breaks provide the best experience if you develop an immediately-click-skip reflex and we consider it to be the best feature of Hyperfocus PLUS, since it provides a high value for those of us that have a tendency to find any possible way to skip the breaks and maintain the mental flow, at the detriment of our physical health.

We fully understand that getting out of the flow is no fun, but neither is the risk of developing conditions that might decrease your vision or affect your health, many of which are hard to impossible to reverse.

In time, the seconds you'll be looking away from the screen will hardly hurt your flow zone, in fact, you might actually use them to get a fresh perspective on your current task, and take a break from objective thinking, while gaining some increased creativity.

For the custom timings, the themeable overlays and the unskippable breaks feature, a Hyperfocus PLUS subscription is required.

Context-Aware Pause not activating?

Since we've been aligned with Apple's principles from the start, we've stayed away from any hidden APIs or shady ways of analysing whether your camera is in use or whether you're watching a video in order to «Autopause» Hyperfocus.

However, we've engineered a way of figuring out whether Hyperfocus should autopause by just checking the overall state of your device.

Unfortunately, this does sometimes lead to false negatives and Hyperfocus might fail to enter the «Autopaused» state under certain circumstances.

With your help, this will get better over time, so if you do notice the Context-Aware Pause failing to activate, please write an email to us, with the application debug logs attached, at [email protected].

The procedure for downloading, inspecting and sharing the debug logs is documented inside the application. The instructions can accessed by clicking the "Report a Bug" link, found inside the main application view.

How can we get in touch?

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions at [email protected]

Healthy productivity.

Hyperfocus for macOS paves the way towards a more sustainable performance when working in front of the screen. It comes at no cost, it's entirely native and uses the full efficiency of macOS.

Bad screen hygiene has already taken its toll.
Let's help prevent that in the future.

Read the Manifesto

Hyperfocus is available for any Mac device running macOS 10.12+. The Hyperfocus app is and will only be distributed exclusively through the macOS App Store. This ensures its safety, world-wide availability and code integrity. Any distributions found besides the macOS App Store are unofficial, might be malware prone and potentially dangerous for your machine.

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We praise human centric design and are deep believers of ones right to privacy.

No A/B testing, tracking or numbers driven product decisions, just loveable products in their purest form.

Pursue the craft and strive for the humane.

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